Department of Public Works

810 West Westover Street
East Tawas, Michigan 48730

DPW GarageThe Department of Public Works is staffed by five full-time employees:

Jeff Seyfried, Senior Equipment Operator, S-3 Water License
Shaun Jordan, S-3 Water License, Mike Blust, Ken Jordan, Equipment Operators

The DPW is responsible for assisting with the construction of and full maintenance of all city-owned infrastructure and facilities within the City of East Tawas and for providing a wide range of related services.

They provide maintenance on all city streets and parking lots, including snow removal, drainage work, sweeping, cold patching, painting, and street sign repairs and replacements. Although the City of East Tawas is considered a Local Road Agency, according to the definition of "transportation employee" as an employee who is engaged primarily in work funded through revenues distributed under sections 12 to 13 of Public Act 51 of 1951, the City of East Tawas does not have any employees that meet that definition. The required annual certification to the Michigan Department of Transportation is available here.

The DPW also maintains the water and sewer systems including water meter reading and repairs, turning services on/off, wastewater collection, water distribution, lift station maintenance, hydrant maintenance and flushing, installation of new water services, water samples, sewer and catch basin cleaning.
They are responsible for general maintenance along US-23, Greenwood Cemetery, and various city properties, as well as preventative maintenance on all city-owned vehicles.

They manage a database of the City’s infrastructure, including rating streets and evaluating water and sewer lines.

They are also responsible for a wide range of miscellaneous duties including trimming trees, picking up compost, barricading streets, setting up events, replacing banners downtown, and many, many other duties.