How do I set up a water service in my name?
Persons listed as the taxpayers of record for properties may call the billing department at 989-362-6161 to set up water service.  If you are renting the property, you may call to request service but the owner of the property must verify and give permission to switch the billing name and address.
Who pays utility bills and how are they calculated?
All users of the city's water and sewer utility systems pay user fees and charges as adopted by City Council.  These fees and charges are designed to completely support the operations, maintenance, administration and capital outlay of the city's utilities facilities and infrastructure.  Current rates are as follows: 

  • Water Rate- $0.65 per 100 gallons 
  • Water ready-to-serve fee- based on water meter size*  
  • Water Infrastructure Rate- based on water meter size*
  • Sewer Infrastructure Rate- based on water meter size*
  • Sewer Rate- $0.67 per 100 gallons 
  • Sewer ready-to-serve fee- based on water meter size*
*Please contact Water Department for further information (989) 362-6161. 
When are utility bills mailed and when are they due?
Each utility customer receives his or her bill(s) monthly.  The bills are mailed the end of each month on the 25th and are due the following month on the 15th. If the bill due date falls on a weekend the bill will be due the following business day.  A penalty of 10% can be assessed for late payments.
Where do I pay my water bill and what payment options are available?
  • At our office- City Hall is located at 760 Newman Street, East Tawas, MI 48730. Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Mail- Please include the water bill stub or note the account number or address with the payment.  Our mailing address is East Tawas Water Department, 760 Newman Street, East Tawas, MI 48730.
  • Drop Box- There is a drop box conveniently located under the overhang at North entrance  of the building.
  • Automatic Bill Pay- You may sign up to have your bill amount automatically debited from your bank account. This service is free. Click the following link to view more information on how to sign up for this service: Automatic Utility Bill Payment Form.
  • Online- Utility bills can be paid via credit/debit cards online.  Please be aware there is a convenience fee for using this service. Pay Online Now!
How do I request a final water bill?
Please call the Water Department at (989) 362-6161 to request a final bill.  Please provide the date service should be discontinued in your name and a forwarding address.
What things can I check if I recieve a high water bill?
  • Do you have a dripping faucet?
  • Is a toilet leaking or running for long periods of time? 
A toilet can leak without making a sound.  To test for a silent leak, place several drops of food coloring into the tank and let it set undisturbed for 20 -30 minutes.  If it is leaking     the colored water from the tank will appear in the bowl. 

  • Has a garden hose been left running? 
  • Have you checked the basement or crawl space for any leaks? 
  • have you watered your lawn or garden? 
  • Is the hot water heater leaking? 
  •  Did you have house guests or any extra water-consuming activities at that time? 
  • Is it summer time? Water consumption just seems to be higher during the summer months with more bathing, watering the garden and lawn, washing the car, etc. 
If I receive a disconnection notice for non-payment, may i have an extension?
You must call the Water Department and make arrangements for an extension.  Extensions are only granted for an additional 5 days after the due date (15th) to the 20th of the month. If the 20th falls on a weekend we will extend to the following business day.  If maybe is not received by the extension date, your service will be disconnected.