The Department of Public Works takes pride in its street maintenance throughout every season.  In the winter, decisions are made to determine the time and appropriate methods needed to handle a given snowfall.  With each occurrence, variables such as temperature, surface, snowfall rate, actual/predicted accumulation and time of day are considered before the City implements the plowing/salting plan for a particular storm event.  Snow removal and plowing occurs in two waves to ensure the safety of motorist and the Department of Public Works crew. 

1st Wave: Major residential streets used by emergency vehicles and the heaviest traffic, especially during rush hours. 
  • US-23
  • Tawas Beach Rd 
  • Robert Elliott Blvd. 
  • Newman Street 
  • Pine Street 
  • Bridge Street
  • Westover Street 
  • W. State Street (Newman to City Limits)  
  • Wadsworth Street 
  • Sawyer Street (US-23 to Lincoln) 
  • Main Street (US-23 to Lincoln) 
  • Church Street (first block)
  • W. Washington (Newman to Bridge Street) 
  • Lincoln Street (Newman to Cemetery Rd.) 
  • Cemetery Rd. 
2nd Wave:  All local residential streets.
  • Residential streets, intersections and dead ends
  • Removal of snow piles 
Do Your Part to Keep Streets Clear
Please do your part by remembering to remove your car from the road so crews can do a better job.  It is illegal to plow, shovel or otherwise deposit snow from residential or commercial property into the street. 

Seasonal Weight Restrictions 

Seasonal weight restrictions help to preserve and protect again the wear and tear on our roads caused by the winter thaw and heavy vehicles. The term “frost law” refers to the amount of frost remaining in the ground.  The warming and cooling of the ground during the up and down weather of spring causes the pavement to heave and buckle, creating potholes and broken pavement.  For detailed weight restriction information go to .  

Street Sweeping
Street sweeping is done on a rotational basis through the spring, summer and fall.  The Department of Public Works asks that you do not sweep your grass clipping and leaves into the streets during this time. 

Street Light Repair
Consumers energy is responsible for all street lights, minus the white decorative lighting downtown and along Newman Street, they require a street light problem be reported directly with them through an online form. Click here to log your complaint or call City Hall at (989) 362-6161 and we will be happy to assist you.