Tree Planting Program The City of East Tawas has a tree planting program established to add new trees or replace existing trees. The program is a 50% shared cost for a new tree up to a maximum of $150 per tree.  The program is first come, first serve and is only available as long as funds are available. Click here for the tree planting program reimbursement request form. A list of native Michigan trees is available by request at City Hall. 

Tree Trimming The Department of Public Works trims City owned trees twice a year or on an as need basis.  (Downtown trees, tree limbs over sidewalks or limbs blocking stop signs)  If you see an issue, please contact City Hall to have it inspected. 

Tree Removal The Department of Public Works is responsible for removal of trees.  An inspection of the tree would be conducted first before being placed on a list for removal.  Once per year, usually in the fall, if the tree is to large for the City to remove, we coordinate with an outside contractor to have dead trees on City owned property removed.  Please note that trees are removed only once a year and that, once approved by the City, your tree may not be removed for several months.