Yard Waste Pickup The City of East Tawas offers curbside yard waste pickup on a regular schedule every Monday from the beginning of May (weather permitting) through the second Monday in November starting at 7:00 am.  If Monday is a holiday, pickup will be on Tuesday instead.

Please follow the below guidelines: 
  1.  Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable paper bags or in a 30-40 gallon trash container clearly marked "compost" on the side. Plastic bags will not be accepted.
  2.  Please do not exceed 30-40 lb bags.
  3.  Yard waste ONLY, please do not mix household trash with compost materials. We will not pick up mixed bags.
  4. We will pick up brush and branches up to 3 inches in diameter and no more than 4 feet long.  Please tie them into bundles no larger than 20 inches in diameter. 
  5. Place all items curbside on your property.  It is not necessary to place the items across the street as is required with some garbage collections.
  6. Items should be put out late Sunday night.  Please do not put yard waste out all week.
Please Keep in mind that we pick up bags of yard waste first and the route back and pick up brush and branches. Occasionally there is so much to pick up that we carry over to Tuesday. Please be patient with us, we will get to you.  If you feel that we have forgotten or missed any items in front of your property, please contact City Hall at (989) 362-6161 or via email at cityhall@easttawas.com.