Permanent Absent Voter List

What do I have to do to receive an application?
Prior to any election, the Clerk's Office will mail you an application.  By State Law the applications are available 75 days prior to an election.  The application must be filled out an returned to us before a ballot can be issued.  The application must be filled out and returned to us before a ballot can be issued.  The application cannot be processed without "VOTERS" signature which is verified by digital signature on file and voter registration record. Under Michigan Election Law, a voter must be able to sign the application and ballot. Power of Attorney cannot be utilized.  Voters who are unable to sign the application and/or ballot should contact the Clerk's Office.
How to fill out absentee application?
You will be sent an application with either one or two upcoming elections printed at the top of the application. Please verify your address information and make changes if needed. If you need your ballot sent to an address other than your current East Tawas residence, make sure to provide that address on the application where requested.  After signing and dating the application, return the completed application to the Clerk's Office, City of East Tawas.
Can an application or ballot be picked up for someone other than myself?
An application can be picked up for anyone within the household.  If a household member is out of town or away at school, we can send an application directly to them if an address is provided, or a letter can be submitted as an application with all the required information and a signature.  An un voted ballot cannot be given to anyone expect the voter that has applied for an absentee ballot. If a household member dropped off an application, the ballot will be mailed to the voter within 24 hours.
What happens next?
Your ballot will be mailed to you once your absent voter application has been received including the voter's signature and the absentee ballots are received in our office (approximately 45 days prior to election day).
What is next after I receive my ballot?
In the privacy of your home, vote your ballot at your leisure.  When completed, you may mail or handeliver the ballot to the Clerk's Office when completed.
What if I want to vote at the precinct?
Simply do not fill out the absentee application and go to your voting location on Election Day to vote.
Which elections will i receive absentee ballot application for?
An application will be mailed to all voters on the permanent absent voter list for any election scheduled in the City of East Tawas.