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City Assessor

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Assessing DepartmentThe Assessing Department has the responsibility of appraising and determining the true cash value of all taxable properties located within the city. The State of Michigan Constitution and Statute require that, notwithstanding any other provisions of the law, the assessed values placed upon the assessment roll shall be at 50% of the true cash value. Prior to the passage of Proposal A in March 1994, the assessed value, when equalized, became the State Equalized Value (SEV) and taxes were based on that value. This procedure changed with the passage of Proposal A which placed profound limits on the values used to compute property taxes. Starting in 1995 and thereafter, property taxes are calculated on the Taxable Value

The Assessing Department serves as a source of information for the public by maintaining for general inspection subdivision plat maps, as well as property record cards for each parcel of land located in the City of East Tawas. The Assessing Department is constantly reviewing and updating records to reflect changes that occur to the individual properties.

Property Inspection

In the year that a property is scheduled for an inspection the assessor will send a card notifying taxpayers.

A property inspection consists of an exterior inspection of a residence. Upon arrival at the property the assessor will knock on the door and if answered, review the record card with the property owner/resident. Updated pictures will then be taken and the exterior of all structures/improvements will be measured. An interior inspection is only conducted by invitation. When the property owner/resident is not home, the assessor will leave a bright orange door-hanger to let the property owner know that an exterior inspection has taken place.

If for some reason the taxpayer DOES NOT want to grant permission for anyone from the assessing office to access their property for an exterior property inspection, it would be helpful to have the following questionnaire completed and returned to the assessing office.

You may also call the assessing office at (989) 362-6241 or e-mail the assessor at rsells@easttawas.com to express that you do not want an exterior property inspection.

Record Card Questionnaire

Protesting Assessed Values

The following documents and links can help you if you wish to protest the assessed value of your property:

Board of Review
Board of Review Petition
Tax Tribunal Petition

Principal Residence Exemptions

The following links and forms offer information on filing for a principal residence exemption (PRE):

PRE Guidelines
PRE Affidavit Form
Conditional Rescission of PRE FAQ's
Conditional Rescission Affidavit Form
Rescission Affidavit Form
PRE Active Duty Military Form

Poverty Exemptions

A special section (MCL 211.7u) of the Michigan General Property Tax Act allows for certain property owners to be exempt from taxation. Commonly referred to as the Homestead Poverty Exemption, the law provides for a partial or complete "forgiveness" of property taxes for households that meet the poverty exemption guidelines set by the East Tawas City Council. Feel free to contact the Assessing Department at (989) 362-6241 or via email for the current Federal Poverty Income amounts that are adjusted annually. The following documents provide more information on poverty exemptions:

Poverty Exemption Resolution
Poverty Exemption Guidelines
Poverty Exemption Application

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