Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The Zoning Board of Appeals interprets the provisions of Chapter 14 of the East Tawas Zoning Ordinance and grants variances in accordance with this chapter.  

Current Board Members
Bill Deckett, Chairman
Brent Long 
Keith Moir
Marty Rogers 
Scott Coffin, Planning Commissioner
Mike Mooney, Council Representative
Membership and terms of office
The ZBA consists of five members, four appointed by the City Council and one member shall be a member of the Planning Commission, their term being concurrent with their commission term; four members shall be citizens who shall be representative of the various interests and population distribution of the City, term being three years.  The Mayor shall appoint a representative from the City Council to the ZBA.  The representative shall not serve as a chair and shall not have voting rights.  

Minutes on Demand