Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG)Reuse BoardIn 1984 the City of East Tawas received a $449,000 Urban Development Action Grant from the Federal Government. This grant was one component of the Downtown Redevelopment program and was loaned to the developers of the Tawas Bay Holiday Inn to make the hotel and convention center a reality on beautiful Tawas Bay in the City of East Tawas. The loan was repaid and became the foundation for the UDAG Reuse program. This program established a perpetual, revolving, low interest loan account for purposes of assisting the owners of existing businesses and industries wishing to rehabilitate and/or expand their operations and to assist those individuals or other entities proposing to construct new businesses or purchase and renovate existing businesses and industries in the City. Over the years since the original $449,000 was repaid with interest, seventeen loans totaling $2,373460 have been made to businesses within the City. There are currently four active loans and the UDAG Reuse Board has approximately $700,000 available for additional low interest loans.

The UDAG Reuse Board consists of the following individuals or positions:

Mayor of East Tawas
Treasurer of East Tawas
City Manager of East Tawas
Chairman of TIFA
One other member of TIFA (to be appointed by City Council)
Two members-at-large from the business community (to be appointed by City Council)

The current members include:

Allen Tubbs, Chair
Amy Rogers, Vice Chair
Julie Potts, Recording Secretary and Treasurer
Bruce Bolen, Mayor
Brent Barringer, City Manager
Jennifer Ladley
Tracey Stevelinck

Responsibilities of the UDAG Reuse Board include the following:

  • To serve in an advisory/recommending capacity to the City Council regarding the loan or administrative use of any and all funds on deposit in the UDAG Funds Reuse Account. 
  • To promote the execution/implementation of the City Development Strategy as adopted and developed by the Tax Increment Finance Authority.
  • To assist in encouraging the development of new commercial/industrial job generating facilities in the City.
  • To work toward the rehabilitation/expansion of existing commercial/industrial job generating facilities.
  • To make recommendations to the appropriate agencies regarding periodic updating of the City economic development strategy.
  • To support the work of the other local agencies, commissions, and groups which carry on economic job generating activities intended to benefit the City of East Tawas.
  • To provide an accounting to the City Council on an annual basis as directed by the Council. 
  • Click here for the UDAG Reuse Program guidelines. An application is available at City Hall. Please call (989) 362-6161 or email us for additional information.