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Welcome to the City of East Tawas!

Webster’s definition of community is “a unified body of individuals.”

East Tawas is a small, close-knit community with people who really take pride in our city. From our residential areas to our business district, the care given to each other, our visitors, and our properties is a reflection of the level of pride taken by so many people in our city.

Part of our pride comes from past generations. We are fortunate to have many people who have been able to work and retire here after graduating from Tawas Area High School. We continue to build on what our parents and grandparents and generations before those were able to accomplish. It is the collective efforts of all these generations that have made East Tawas the outstanding community it is today.

One of the frequent comments we hear from visitors is how friendly our people are. If you’re walking down the street and pass someone, you’re very likely to get a sincere “hello”… with eye contact! The same holds true for our businesses, whose employees and owners exemplify friendliness and make your shopping experience enjoyable.

We are a community that looks out for each other. Our neighbors know and talk to each other. They help each other when one is in need.

We are a community with many volunteers. From the various festivals held throughout the year, to planting flowers in city landscaped plots, to serving on various City boards, commissions and authorities, to the volunteer fire department, we are a community where people will step forward to offer a hand and make us a better community.

We are proud.... We are community.... We are East Tawas!





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