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The City of East Tawas is committed to providing open and complete access to information and resources to persons with disabilities in our community. As a result, this Web site has been designed with the following accessibility features:

  • The standard font used on this site has been selected for its easily-readable style.
  • Wherever possible, this site uses live text as opposed to graphical text. This decreases the amount of time pages take to load, and also increases your control of the site, especially if using screen reading or text enhancing software.
  • All images, links, and attributes on this site are coded with an alternative text description. This means that any non-text elements of the site are readable by alternative text reader software programs.
  • No information on this site is conveyed through the exclusive use of color. Color is used to enhance the visual appeal of the site, but it is not necessary to the informational capability of the site.
  • We have attempted to fully comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, specifically with regard to Internet telecommunications accessibility standards
If you have any difficulty using this site, or any suggestions or feedback on our efforts to improve site accessibility, please contact us.

Additional Information

To learn more about accessibility issues and technology resources for persons with disabilities, please consider visiting the sites listed below. These sites are located external to the City of East Tawas Web site, and therefore, the City of East Tawas is not responsible for the content, accuracy, nor completeness of the sites listed below.

Section 508 Law

Internet Explorer Accessibility Resources

Firefox Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Tools for Viewing Adobe PDF Documents


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